Magpie's Nest is the home of original, sumptuous arty specimens LJ and MrM.

Instead of a boring page of the usual info, we have a chat with the crafty pair from time to time and ask them 10 questions which will give an insight to their ideas and plans.


Tea and Chat January 2015:


What has been on your to do list for the longest?

LJ: Getting some of my designs printed on fabric, I must have over 25 designs now, and I'm going to find it difficult to choose which one to try out first!

MrM: I do not use to do lists, I'm far too efficient.


OK, Is there something you're really looking forward to? 

LJ: I'm looking forward to a more normal year, with time to design and make! Last year was pretty full on; we decided to move house - and counties, change jobs and get married. It was all the right amount of wonder, stress and excitement! This year I am lucky enough to be going to the States for the first time, thanks to my work, so I'm really looking forward to our trip, and I'm excited to experience the craft scene now we're settled in Sheffield.

MrM: The challenge of scouting the best treasure among other hunters, this city must be bounteous. I have never seen such a big community of other 'pies in one place. 


Where do you go for inspiration?

LJ: I love to browse the many craft blogs out there and get lost frequently in Pinterest, it's mainly visuals that inspire me. It might be something insignificant in the background of the photo/picture or a combination of colour or shape that might spark an idea. I relax best with a cuppa and Mollie Makes magazine, I have read most crafty mags and, but I always go back to Molls :)  

MrM: Window prowling, I can sit in peoples gardens and on balconies unnoticed, to pick out great ideas. I'm quite partial to a good shop window display too.


Is there something you just can't stop doing?

LJ: I can't seem to shake the geometric thing, I've always liked sketching on squared paper, and certain sandbox video games have had a hand in it, but it has evolved. Starting with squares, pixels and nets of jewels, my drawings started mixing geometric repeats with deco styled shapes. Now the shapes are becoming more irregular, influenced by naturally forming crystals and origami.

MrM: Picking someone out of the crowd at a market, and becoming their distant 'companion' for the afternoon. 

What was inside the last parcel you received?

LJ: Excluding Christmas, which doesn't really count, my last parcel contained 2 beautiful teacups and saucers from Mellorware, who illustrate the most beautiful woodland creatures in party situations on various ceramics. They were wedding gifts for our mums and the last items I ordered! 

MrM: I haven't started getting fanmail yet, but LJ gave me a handsome new pocketwatch for my new home.


Where do you buy gifts that you don't make? 

 LJ: If I want to buy a more unique gift, I have a few avenues, if there is time for shipping I like the variety on notonthehighstreet, thinkgeek and and there are nice pieces on etsy. Paperchase is an old favourite, and there is a small shop called Bird's Yard in Sheffield that I'm not allowed to go in just to browse anymore!

MrM: I am quite resourceful and acquire them skillfully, I cannot possibly list all of my secret locations, hence they would be secret no more. 


How would you spend a free half an hour relaxing?

LJ: I'd definitely get the kettle on. Maybe watch an episode of Adventure Time or catch up with shows I've recorded, and mindlessly doodle on squared paper or flick through a magazine.

MrM: On my radiator hammock, organising our stores of beads and trinkets. 


Is there anything you would like to learn?

LJ: So much! I would like to knit much better, and learn to crochet properly. My mum makes the most beautiful needle felted friends, and I think I would find that skill really useful, and for me personally, I'd like to be able to use digital tools as easily as manual ones.

MrM: Yes, I have always dreamed of learning air acrobatics, like the magnificent Red Arrows and performing a routine with a band of others. 


Is there anything in your store that you hold on to, or plan to use, but back out at the last minute?

LJ: Mmm, yes, to a degree. I do hold on to favourite fabrics and some fimo beads I have made, but I do use them in special projects, sometimes to MrM's disapproval. I know he likes to hoard!

MrM: As I have said many times, some  are 'keepers' and it is difficult to give them up, but I suppose the project must come first. As she says, there are always more to find, and if we can't find exactly what we want, we'll make them. 


What was your craft/make of 2014?

LJ:  A broad answer would be papercraft, I spent the majority of 2014 preparing paper decorations; tissue pom poms, paper medallions, origami jewels and flowers, but my favourite make was the giant tasseled balloons we made, they were magnificent.

MrM: Nothing beat the wired, jewel berries, leaves and flowers she made from our stores, and arranged in repurposed vintage glass bottles.


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